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Delhi Scottish School

Posted by in on 11-8-14

Delhi Scottish School, an English medium Day boarding cum residential school, is dedicated to providing their students with the aim of nurturing character, personality, a harmonious, holistic individual by catering to the child’s physical, mental, emotional social, cultural and spiritual needs. Education imparted is through a comprehensive academic curriculum supported by critical thinking skills as well as an excellent communication development. It strives to develop each child’s potentialities recognize his or her dignities and encourage positive self esteem in order to promote responsibility and creativity. The school also has a specific strategy of development and growth, based on innovation, relevance and social responsibility. Besides these objectives, the school also enables the children to develop life values and vocational skills. Thus it seeks forth individuals who are physically fit, self-motivated and self-directed, possess a well honed intellect and ability to apply knowledge effectively.

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