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Posted by in on 5-16-21

An education organization of repute plays a pivotal & proactive role in today’s society. School is the homing ground for skills and values as well as right attitude. With this prospective we at Shaheed Rajpal D.A.V Public School are consistently striving to make the pursuit of excellence a way of life, a habit.

Great endeavour is laid on providing a balanced environment with focus on shaping our pupils into nation builders. Numerous projects such as Energy Conservation,Road Safety,Sahyog, I.S.A are taken up every year by the school which develops in the students qualities of inquisitiveness, social awareness &self effacement.

This not only prepares them to be life long learners but also imbues in them a thorough understanding of interdependence. Thewillingness to serve others while actively contributing to the school community and society as a whole, is vital for the transformation of the learners into worthy citizens.My team of well qualified and enthusiastic faculty plays a vital role in the fruition of these goals.

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